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There are so many gorgeous books for kids these days, from cheeky rhyming books to books featuring beautiful photography. While I was pregnant with Georgie I made a list of all the books I wanted for her collection and so they could be purchased for her birthdays and other special occasions. Her Grandad ‘G’ made a serious dent in this list and bought a few of our favourites to get her started. These are our top three so far but I’m sure we’ll find new favourites as Georgie makes her preferences known.

Lulu & Pip  |  Photographs by Stephanie Rausser, Doll by Jess Brown, story by Nina Gruener

short-story-timeLulu & Pip is about a doll and her girl and their first trip camping where they have all sorts of adventures from catching fish to eating smores over the campfire. Jess Brown created the doll in this book and you can actually buy her dolls here. We love that the book is written from the point of view of the doll Pip. The photography and styling is incredible and as a hard cover book its perfect for standing so she can look at the pretty pictures for tummy time.

Kiki & Coco in Paris  |  Photographs by Stephanie Rausser, Doll by Jess Brown, story by Nina Gruener

kiki-coco2-blogAnother beautiful photo book by Rausser, Brown and Gruener, this time about little girl Kiki and her doll Coco. They travel to the magical city of Paris and explore the sites and sounds until Coco gets left behind… stunning photography and a cute story about the bond between a girl and her doll.

Bonjour Camille  |  Illustrations by Laia Aguilar, story by Felipe Cano


Camille is a bit cheeky, with a boundless imagination; she names the waves, eats loads of cherries, jumps on the bed, and does all in her battledress which consists of a tutu and top hat. A quick read with fun bold child-like illustrations.

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