A Fresh new look – Ses’ lounge makeover

Being at home with a new babe and spending more time in our gorgeous sun filled living room I decided it was time for a new look, something natural, earthy with a nod to my fave tribal luxe aesthetic.

pic 7

I was actually going through my archive collection of Sass & Bide clothing, having collected many embellished pieces over the last 15 years, when I came across a favourite high neck tunic in a tribal mudcloth style print embellished with cowrie shells and metallic accents. This is what I want in a lounge I decided and from there I started pinning like mad, compiling beautiful images that referenced the tribal texture I was after.


I still loved my zebra hide and it fit perfectly with the tribal look I was going for, same with the couches – they stayed too. Jen and I mocked up and mood-boarded everything before I purchased anything, so I knew exactly how the finished room would look – and it made sure I was disciplined and only purchased just what I needed. We do a lot of moodboards for clients so it was great to create one for myself.

We had recently used this Citta mango wood coffee table in a clients home, and I had fallen in love with it so had to have one for myself. I love the soft wash of the wood and how it adds a natural element to the room. The cushions were a mix of the Ourlieu (from our online store) and Pony Rider ones I had plus a few new Bonnie and Neil additions. We went for natural linen rather than stark black and white as its much easier to work with.


The Art was a piece from Hannah Lemholt, I had loved for a while so It really is the hero piece of the room and perfectly compliments the tribal necklaces which are a nod to the Sass & Bide top that influenced the rooms aesthetic. The round mirror was a great addition as it reflects our ‘Mary’ art piece and bounces the light around the room.

My Ahoy Trader collection sits above the black and white stripe feeding chair which is a perfect place to perch.


Another hero piece is our much awaited Moroccan wedding blanket pouf, its creamy tassels and silver coins add both texture and sparkle and act as a comfy seat for extra guests. A petrified wood tray, shell balls and marble planter for the draping philodendron complete the look.


While its not quite finished yet as I have a couple more pieces yet to arrive for the wall, I’m just loving the fresh calm feel. Itsso importat to have pieces around you that your love.

If you would like your own room makeover, contact us about our interior design services.

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