A Living Room to Love

the_mora_house_living_room_march201401Some rooms just have that WOW factor, the perfect combo of cozy, chic and that ‘X’ factor that’s hard to put your finger on. This living room belongs to photographer Sarah Yates from A House in The Hills which she and her husband created with the intention of it being their ‘forever’ home, but later decided to rent it out after moving back to San Diego.

Its evident a lot of love has gone into creating this amazing space, so  we thought we’d break down the elements that make it so ‘pin-able’.



the_mora_house_living_room_march201405Great rooms start with dressing the floor, rugs add texture and warmth while pulling everything together. We’ve seen this particular rug pop up in many amazing homes, but have yet found out where to track one down in NZ or Australia.

The beautiful leather lounge suite has a gorgeous golden glow and compliments the cane hanging chair. The metallic elements of the side table and mirror add light to the room, while the white leather Moroccan pouf ties in with the round of the mirror. Pops of colour have been introduced by way of the textured batik cushions and are the perfect balance of colour without being over-powering.


You’ll all know how we’re big fans of the hanging chair, having recently purchased our own, but this retro cane version takes the cake, it is that special X factor in this room. We love the rawness of the cane paired with the texture of the sheepskin and the chunky rope.

the_mora_house_living_room_march201404Sarah finished of this room with built in shelves, perfect for displaying favourite heirlooms, books and trinkets.

the_mora_house_living_room_march201406 (1)



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