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3 of the Best || Books for the Bebe

There are so many gorgeous books for kids these days, from cheeky rhyming books to books featuring beautiful photography. While I was pregnant with Georgie I made a list of all the books I wanted for her collection and so they could be purchased for her birthdays and other special occasions. Her Grandad ‘G’ made a serious dent in this list and bought a few of our favourites to get her started. These are our top three so far but I’m sure we’ll find new favourites as Georgie makes her preferences known.

Lulu & Pip  |  Photographs by Stephanie Rausser, Doll by Jess Brown, story by Nina Gruener

short-story-timeLulu & Pip is about a doll and her girl and their first trip camping where they have all sorts of adventures from catching fish to eating smores over the campfire. Jess Brown created the doll in this book and you can actually buy her dolls here. We love that the book is written from the point of view of the doll Pip. The photography and styling is incredible and as a hard cover book its perfect for standing so she can look at the pretty pictures for tummy time.

Kiki & Coco in Paris  |  Photographs by Stephanie Rausser, Doll by Jess Brown, story by Nina Gruener

kiki-coco2-blogAnother beautiful photo book by Rausser, Brown and Gruener, this time about little girl Kiki and her doll Coco. They travel to the magical city of Paris and explore the sites and sounds until Coco gets left behind… stunning photography and a cute story about the bond between a girl and her doll.

Bonjour Camille  |  Illustrations by Laia Aguilar, story by Felipe Cano


Camille is a bit cheeky, with a boundless imagination; she names the waves, eats loads of cherries, jumps on the bed, and does all in her battledress which consists of a tutu and top hat. A quick read with fun bold child-like illustrations.

All books are available from Amazon

We’d love to know what your favourite books are for baby – let us know in comments below

Introducing Ses + Jen – The Store

After a year of planning and sourcing, tomorrow is the day we open Ses + Jen – The store; an online store featuring our edit of must have pieces for your home and wardrobe.

clutch styled

Every piece featured in the store has been carefully selected, and is very true to our own style aesthetic. The store is our way of sharing pieces we love so you can have a little ‘Ses + Jen’ delivered to your door step.


We have lots more gorgeous pieces coming over the next few months so be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out about our new arrivals. We only have limited quantities of our products, shipping is free and your purchase comes wrapped in our custom Ses + Jen style.


blog pic 3

From linen with a twist through to hand crafted serving boards and Brazilian bracelets, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the pieces as much as we have.

blog comp image

To celebrate the launch of the store we have commissioned Cross Street Garage to design a one-off custom Gem light especially for one lucky Ses + Jen shopper.

Every item purchased will give you an entry in the draw to win this gorgeous flamingo-pink oversized gem light valued at over $600. It looks incredible on its side as a lamp or can be installed as a pendant.

The more items you buy, the more entries into the draw. All purchases from 1st November through to 31st December qualify for entry. For an extra entry simply share your purchase on facebook or instagram and #gemforsesandjen



3 of the bestToday we share 3 of the best indoor plants, Jen’s long been an advocate of indoor plants, but I took a little convincing. It wasn’t until Jen bought me my first fiddle leave fig that I was hooked! It really was the missing element in my home. There’s something about greenery that just ‘finishes’ a room. We’ll now its safe to say I’m hooked! I now have at least one piece of potted goodness in every room.


I have always loved the gorgeous dripping plants in Auckland’s Superette store, and so was thankful to be able to track down one of their famous philodendron plants. I love their delightful heart shaped leaves and ability to grow long tendrils which drape down shelves or window frames. They are also low maintenance so don’t mind a little neglect. The Ponsonby Plant Centre usually have these in stock.

Fiddle leave fig

Fiddle Leave Fig
The fiddle leave fig gets its name from the shape of its oversized fiddle-shaped leaves, also know by its botanical name Ficus lyrata. Certain varieties of these plants can get huge and reach the ceiling, but the height can be kept under control by pruning off the top of young plants – This also helps to thicken up the plant. If your new to indoor plants, it’s good to know that they really only need to be watered once a month. They also seem to withstand aircon units in winter. Oderings in New Zealand are able to order these in on request.


If there’s one particular plant that is ‘hot right now’ its the cactus, it’s even featured in the recent spring summer range for Bec and Bridge. Prickly but structurally beautiful they are an intriguing plant and look great on their own or planted together. We love them potted up in tins or in concrete planters like the ones by Design Twins. There are hundreds of varieties and which vary from tiny to huge depending on the species. I really love the mickey mouse cactus, but its ‘proper name’ eludes me. The Warehouse have a good variety of smaller ones but if you are after a specific species or larger sizes contact Coromandel Cacti.

We’d love to know what your favourite indoor plants are, or if you’re a recent convert to indoor plants like me.

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