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Artist Profile – Frankly My Dear


Meet Sammi, the beautiful face behind ‘Frankly my Dear’ store, creators of speciality headpieces and must-have jewellery. This talented Mumma has taken her business from strength to strength since its inception in 2012.


FMD3Sammi started off making jewellery after her husband wanted a necklace and she jumped at the chance to design him up something special, and it just grew from there. While most famous for her intricate headpieces, Frankly My Dear also works with raw crystals and delicate chains to create necklaces and most recently hand pieces.


The name ‘Frankly My Dear’ originated from the desire to incorporate her daughters name ‘Frankie’ into the brand. “We were throwing around ideas when my good friend Jess came up with the idea and it just sounded perfect and has stuck ever since”.

Amber, Sammi’s business partner joined Frankly My Dear earlier this year, “I just had my second baby Archie five months ago and I was at the point where the work load was too much for me. Amber and I have been best friends for a very long time and we’ve worked together before for 3 years, the universe just lined this up perfectly for us and I’m so blessed to have her on board. Amber now makes jewellery too and it’s scary how good she is, she’s just as obsessed as I am”.


Embellished chain headpieces are quickly becoming popular headwear alternatives for brides, and this led to Sammi creating a speciality bridal range with limited edition embellished pieces. Most recently Sammi created a custom headpiece for the talented Ivy Invite, de-constructing a Samantha Wills necklace and turning it into this stunning work of art.


Fans of My Kitchen Rules will have no doubt seen Helena and Vikki rocking their Frankly My Dear headpieces, we asked Sammi where the idea for the headpieces first originated. “I had a little play around one night almost 3 years ago now and just loved how many endless possibilities there were. I made my first real headpiece design for a photoshoot with Hope & Lace and I was hooked. I found that I stopped making anything else at one point and 100% of my designs were literally headpieces.  I just love the freedom of the design, the head is such an incredible blank canvas and you’re not limited by anything. There is definitely a lot of trial and error as they have to be perfectly weighted, all of our designs are handmade to order which allows us to tailor each piece to our clients exact measurements. I love not having premade stock, it’s romantic in a way that each and every piece of jewellery is created solely for the new owner”


Be sure to visit Frankly My Dear’s online store here, follow on Facebook here and instagram here.

Stunning photography by Cassandra Ladru and Willow and Sage


Artist Profile – Ivy Invite

1977267_10152338988819878_420076284_nWe had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Lisa Schiffermuller of Ivy Invite, interior designer by day and invite artist and all round creative by night. We fell in love with Lisa’s amazing hand crafted wedding invite designs and packages. Lisa works with her clients to create perfectly themed stationery including; save the dates, order of services, invites and thank you cards all unique to the bride and groom. We spoke to her just before she was about to jet away for her very own dream Mexican Wedding.

Tell us about you; what you love, style-wise and what’s inspiring you at the moment

From a young age I was always creating, so it was only right that I went into the creative industry for my career. I have a creative mind and see beauty in all things, I am always observing and drawing inspiration from my surroundings. My design journey began 10 years ago when I studied a Bachelor of Built Environment at QUT, majoring in Interior Design.

Since I graduated uni I have been working at Ellivo Architects where my role is Senior Interior Designer. Working as an Interior Designer means I am always working with clients who have different styles and tastes. You have to be able to take other peoples visions on board and create something that you are proud of and that they love. It’s sometimes a challenge which is what I love.

It’s hard to pin down one trend that I am loving at the moment. So many people are drawn to different styles and it becomes a very personal thing. The hard thing about this industry is that you are exposed to so many styles it is hard not to love and adapt to different styles. In saying that….at the moment I am loving all things monochrome. with hints of greenery (planting) + the warmth of some timber + gold accents. You can’t go wrong with a little gold in your styling! I also love the look of mixing and matching colours + patterns + textiles. “Things that shouldn’t work together but do” is sometimes my motto. A bold monochrome textile mixed with a colourful pattern….love it!

Ivy Invite 30f334bfc6af9a67f55a97b92ecaa6eff10003410_607887929288840_196570840_n

When did you start Ivy Invite and what inspired you to get into wedding stationery and styling?

Ivy Invite began almost 2 years ago, although well before that I was designing invitations for family and friends, so I decided to make it official. It was something that was all my own so I could have creative freedom. As far as wedding stationery goes, I wanted to offer something to the non-bridal brides out there. Being very non-bridal myself it was easy to show a different kind of wedding stationery as I was designing it for my own wedding. I have had so much amazing support since launching ivy invite and the response I have had has been incredible. I feel very lucky!

I work with some amazing manufacturers which gives me the ability to offer custom designed stamps and etched + laser cut plywood which have also had an amazing reaction. I cannot wait to see where I can take this in future.


What process do you go through when working with couples (brides) to design their invites and stationery packages

Most of the wedding stationery I do these days are via email correspondence. And I have worked with brides all over Australia and also overseas. The first thing I ask is for the style of their wedding. It is very important to me that the stationery ties into the wedding styling and theme. If they have images or a pinterest board I ask for that information. All I ever need is a couple of images to get an idea of their style.


Not all the work I do is custom designed, I have a lot of brides contacting me after they have seen a set posted on Instagram or Facebook and they want that exact set for their wedding.

Tell us a bit about your own style
I love a bit of boho/hippie style….it’s so comfortable. Messy hair (easy to pull off), lots of jewels & lace. Throw in a flower crown or headpiece and you are set!

2952996d2e0fc03dd05649b4aba65c1210527503_678178018936662_7937685344108509375_needd4ac3a558a6392bfc2edc9ca11fd4If you’re newly engaged and looking for beautifully designed stationery, be sure to check out Ivy Invite, and follow Lisa on Facebook and Instagram.

Lisa’s amazing wedding photos were taken by Cassandra Ladru, you can have a peek at the rest of the incredible photos here. Her beautiful headpiece was custom made by Frankly my Dear from a Samantha Wills Necklace

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The Melbourne Series – Twiggargerie


As you all know, we’re big lovers of colour and fun pieces and so we instantly fell in love with these dainty twig creations. We first came across Twiggargerie via Mark Tuckey last year, and then fell in love all over again after seeing them in real life. These sculptural pieces are designed by Anita Bell in Devon and hand made in Melbourne by Brian Bell.


As they are crafted from natural twigs, each has its own unique shape and no two pieces are the same. They are available in a range of bright colours including Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Yellow, Apple Green, Blue, White and Natural.

3 cubesthree housesWe love the cubes stacked on top of each other and they way in which they are so delicate yet add dimension. Twiggargerie also make cute little houses – both 3D and flat, ladders and also create cute mobiles.


Check out the Twiggargerie website for more of their gorgeous creations

Images via Twiggagerie & Sage and Clare


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