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Products we love | The Snugbags sleeping bag

Winter in the Waikato gets cold, very cold and our little Georgie loves to kick all her covers off, so I knew we needed a sleeping bag for her coming into Autumn. The thing is, while I’m big on practicality it definitely helps when something is beautiful as well – so naturally when I saw the gorgeous silver raindrop design of the new Snugbags merino sleeping bag featuring a diagonal zip, I just knew it would be perfect.

Opening the package the first thing that wowed me was how extremely high quality it was. The fabric just feels luxurious and substantial, and no wonder, as its made in New Zealand from only the best organic cotton, bamboo and New Zealand merino. All fabrics are knitted and dyed in New Zealand and only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified dyes that are eco-friendly and 100% child safe.


I was pretty excited to try it on her straight away, its super easy to put on you just unzip from the bottom and slip over their head or you can unzip it completely and lie them on it. There are domes under the arms that make the arm holes smaller for the little ones and stops them wriggling out. I love that the zip is covered the whole way so no chance of pinching their skin.

The unique part about the new Snugbags sleeping bag is its diagonal zip, most sleeping bags feature either a front or side zip – each with its own benefits but with the diagonal zip you get the best of both worlds; there are no domes on the shoulders like on the side zip bags which wriggly babes can pop out of. You also get the benefit of easy nappy changes as the bag zips open along the bottom. This is also useful for letting air flow in too. You won’t find this unique diagonal zip design anywhere else, its unique to Snugbags.

Georgie-Crib-1v2webGeorgie had her first sleep in her new sleeping bag the other morning as it was quite cool and she slept so soundly, no blankets to kick off and it worked perfectly with her safety sleep too.

We love our Snugbags sleeping bag they are so worth the investment – as they fit them for such a long time, they’re available in sizes nb-2 and 2-4 years, and come in three different weights; Standard, Winter Duvet and Winter Duvet Deluxe. We went for the winter duvet which features a New Zealand merino inner, a middle layer of plush bamboo/cotton duvet wadding for extra warmth and an outer layer of soft cotton fleece.

Checkout the full range of Snugbags sleeping bags here

Products we love || Hopes & Dreams Swaddle

kwithToday we feature our favourite swaddle wrap – the Hopes & Dreams blanket by KwithHeart.

A gorgeous soft, organic cotton wrap with the perfect amount of stretch to keep even the wriggliest of babies wrapped all night long, The Hopes & Dreams swaddle by KwithHeart is emblazoned with beautiful affirmations you can read to your baby to assure them nothing is impossible, they are unique, beautiful and that their darling wee feet can take them everywhere. The wrap features 30 affirmations printed on super soft GOTS certified* organic cotton.

I love reading all these beautiful affirmations to Georgie with my favourite one being “You have my heart forever”.

Not only is the wrap beautiful, its big 120 x 100 perfect for swaddling! It is also ideal as a blanket in the cot or crib – we use ours on the floor for tummy time and tuck her in with it on these warm summer nights, as its just the perfect weight. We chose the organic cotton swaddle blanket but its also available as an organic cotton muslin wrap

The Hopes & Dreams Swaddle makes an awesome baby shower gift – sweet, beautiful and practical – every mummy will love it!

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Offer available till midnight Friday 5th February

Products we love || The Oscar 3-wheeler

A pram or stroller is one if the biggest investments you’ll make for bub so you want to make sure its a good one. After trying out a couple of different brands at various baby stores, nothing really came close to the Edwards & Co Oscar 3-wheeler.

I love the fact that its a full system, gone are the days of needing to buy a pram and stroller separately – the Edwards & Co system means you can just clip in the different attachments as they grow and develop. Its also attractive, no daggy bright colours just plain sleek black – with the option of swapping out the canopies for one of their fashion option – we opted for the black and white geometric.


The Oscar 3-wheeler is a dream to push – well that’s an understatement – it basically pushes itself. Perfect for the up-hill off road climbs we often do on our daily walks. The wheel base is narrow enough to fit through the skinniest of store aisles, is lightweight and easily fits in the boot of the car with a one-click breakdown.


Another one of the selling points for me was that I love a traditional pram, especially for brand new babies so the fact that you can purchase the Carry Cot attachment was a bonus, Georgie loves dozing in her carry cot when we go for our long walks. The carry cot also has the perfect zip pocket for the wallet, keys and phone for extra security when taking your pram out. If she falls to sleep I will often quietly unclick the carry cot attachment and let her sleep in there – saves risking waking her transferring her to the cot.


The days when we have to visit a few different stores with car rides in between is where the capsule attachment comes in handy, I just unclip the capsule from the car and click it into the wheels, no need to unbuckle her (or wake her if she’s drifted off). She’s loving the capsule at the moment as its really snug for her and she can watch what’s going on. If she does fall asleep in it or needs a bit of privacy I just pop my Milk Snob cover over it (find out more about the Milk Snob Cover here).


I totally recommend the full Edwards & Co system – we bought the Oscar 3-wheeler, capsule, capsule base and Carry cot. We’re looking forward to using the stroller more as Georgie gets older too.


For all the technical details check out Edwards & Co here.

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