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Harrïe & Sam

Both Jen and I are massive fans of quality basics that last the distance and can be worn over and over again, for us its all about quality fabrics with ease of care that are cut perfectly. Lucky for us then that we found Harrïe & Sam – a Waikato based fashion duo who have created exactly that; a capsule collection of edgy but classic pieces that can be worn on repeat.

Harrïe & Sam was started by long time besties Ella and Stacey and the Name Harrïe & Sam came about as it was the name of their two dogs (who are also besties).

I was lucky enough to choose a couple of their pieces from their Romance Collection – the No Frills Jacket  and The Romance Top. The pieces in this collection are designed to make you feel feminine and beautiful, combining simple ruffles, soft pleats, plunging necklines and beautiful fabrics.

They also have a ‘thrasher collection which features garments which are multi-functional and super easy to wear and can be taken from day to night. This collection is available all year round.

Harrïe & Sam work a bit differently from other brands in that every item is sold as a pre-sale item, this means that every garment you select and purchase is made especially for you, right here in New Zealand. They work alongside a very talented and highly experienced commercial seamstress who ensures every piece is constructed with true passion and care.

Make sure you follow the girls on instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss their next pre-sale date. You can also check out their available pieces on their website.


Treasured memories with momento photobooks

Having had some beautiful photos taken by our photographer Ruth Gilmour over the last couple of years, I had been meaning to get these in an album as it seemed such a waste just to have them stored on my computer. I had looked at a lot of different photobook companies, some cheap and cheerful and others at the higher quality end. If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know we are all about quality. There are a few different companies that promise this but I was still totally confused so I asked our photographer Ruth who she recommended. That was when she introduced me to Momento Photobooks, I got to touch and feel some of the sample books she had and was delighted with the quality and vibrancy of the images on the page. I fell in love with a book with a linen embossed cover and lustre finish pages and knew I had the found the one…

Next step was to download the free software from their site, which took under a minute, and then I started to play around. The best part about Momento is that there’s a good variety but not thousands of choices – so you don’t get overwhelmed. You just choose your project, size and format and then get going. I selected photobooks with blank pages (they also have an autofill option if you don’t like making decisions). I chose a landscape, regular size book – as thought it would be the perfect size for the coffee table.

I decided to do one book for my ‘Little babe shower’ and one for Georgia’s first birthday. I really wanted to make the images the feature and have them as large as I could so I went for a simple layout of a full image per page, followed two images per page, then used a combination of both.

I used their layouts in the templates panel as it made the design process super easy and efficient, and I knew everything would look even and balanced. It was pretty simple to navigate once I got the hang of it, it was just selecting the right combination of images – it doesn’t help being a perfectionist when it comes to these sorts of things! The Momento team are also super helpful if you get stuck.

Once I was happy with the design, I reviewed the Warnings in Finish View of the software and my Preview PDF. Thankfully the software warned me that I had one photo sitting too far off the page, and another photo I had enlarged so much that it wasn’t going to print well.  It only took a moment to sort that out then I registered at on the Momento website before  uploading the MASTER MBF file ready to print. You get to make your final binding, cover and finishing selections online.

Of course I went for the ebony linen cover, I had fallen for previously, embossed in black with the names of the books, I also opted for a printed dust cover, which is a little bit extra but helps protect from greasy fingers.

When it came to paper type there are a few options based on your budget – for just that little bit extra you can get the lay flat lustre 260gsm paper, which really does magic things for your images because the pages lie perfectly flat! People often complain that their photos never look as good printed as they do their computer screen, well this paper is incredible – images have that same glow that they do onscreen. The lay-flat format means that pages ‘lay-flat’ when you turn the pages which makes viewing so enjoyable!

I also opted for a black box for each book to keep them nice, dust free and ‘special’, this is also a great addition if you are creating a book as a gift.

The day they arrived…

So turn around for books is approximately 2 weeks and they come via courier which makes it that much more exciting. When mine arrived, first thought was just how well packaged they were and OMG how beautiful they looked! You can just feel the quality care and craftsmanship that goes into creating these books of memories.

With both the baby shower and Georgia’s birthday being such magical days it felt right to honour them with a beautiful book so I could cherish these memories over and over. It was also great to know I would always have a hard copy record of these gorgeous images, should my computer ever crash etc.

Ladies I also want to remind you about how important it is to transfer and back up your photos – REGULARLY. Just recently I lost some precious images when my mobile threw a tantrum and I was devastated So whatever you do, back up to an external drive or cloud storage service and print out the photo memories you really care about, whichever way suits you, because they can get trashed or lost or you may not be able to access them in a few years time!

I’m now working on a photobook of all our Ses and Jen Instagram images as I have heard of accounts getting suspended and wiped. Momento has great layouts for square books which is perfect.

Having created a book, it opened up so many ideas of who I would love to gift one to – they make amazing gifts for a uni graduate, a special birthday celebration, wedding anniversaries etc. Especially for those people who love nice things and seem to have everything. The ideas are endless.

We’re so in love with these books that we want you to experience the quality and excellence for yourself. That is why we have teamed up with Momento offer you an amazing discount on your first order! CLICK HERE to check it out.

Check out Momento’s website here, and follow them on Instagram here.

Found – The Design Depot

In the heart of Hamilton’s south-end, can be found an amazing treasure trove of stunning hero pieces for your home. The Design Depot, really is a one stop shop for interior advice and high quality designer pieces to make your house more than just a home.

DD single 1The Design Depot first opened in 2012, and after a successful first year they doubled their floorspace. With its industrial vibe, the store is cleverly divided into rooms, allowing you to see how all the pieces work together to create a complete look.

DD 2 up 2


Featuring edgy on-trend pieces, many of which have featured on Australia’s The Block, the showroom showcases everything from cowhide butterfly chairs through to the hottest bedding, cushions and throws.

DD 2 up 5DD 2 up 3

One of the key themes throughout the store is texture, elements of timber, glass, brick, marble ,stone and natural fur are the key to making a room ‘work’ and these ladies know their stuff – they are experts in helping you choose the right pieces to work with your current decor and give your home that ‘wow-factor’.

DD 2 up 1

The Design Depot source pieces from across the globe, and if they don’t have it you can be sure they know how to find it. They have cleverly tied together Scandinavian, industrial, modern and bright trends managing to cater to all tastes and decorating styles.

DD single 2

We love how they have even incorporated a hint if the nostalgic into the store – with their counter being fabricated from recycled freight packaging from their first ever delivery.

DD 2 up 4

Modern sleek and carefully curated is the best way to describe this design hub, a interior mecca in the heart of Hamilton.

Be sure to pop in and see them instore at 52 Alexandra St, Hamilton, shop their collection online here, and follow them on facebook 

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