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The making of Georgia Grace’s Nursery

Styling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth Gilmour

When designing a nursery for our little poppet due October we wanted to include pieces that would stand the test of time, hero pieces that she could treasure forever. We also wanted to create texture and warmth with the inclusion of an Icelandic sheepskin, zebra cowhide, woven wall hanging and indoor plants.

Ses + Jen - photographer: Ruth Gilmour Photographer

This Blacklist banner was the first piece we purchased for her room from their amazing 2014 Blacklist for Kids collection, with a height of 1.5m x 1m on heavy duty canvas this beautiful piece set the tones and colour way for the rest of the room. The picture window above her crib looks out onto beautiful leafy trees and sees the first morning sunshine which perfectly mimics the banner.

Styling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth GilmourStyling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth GilmourAnother treasured piece that was bought for this room was is the Vegas Boneyard star light from Fromage la Rue, we ordered this custom piece knowing someday it would make the perfect feeding light for a little one as it dims to a delicious warm glow. The Mocka drawers are the perfect size and tones for the room. The Jolt 3-drawer is a great affordable piece and the perfect size and depth for all those tiny baby clothes.

Styling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth Gilmour

Styling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth GilmourStyling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth GilmourStyling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth Gilmour

The hubby and I created a hanging copper clothing rail using a Mocka floating shelf, Lapco leather straps and copper pipe and caps. The warmth of the copper and leather perfectly reflect the Lightly copper hanging planter and tie the room together. The wall hanging is inspired by the traditional Moroccan wedding blankets and is available from Ses + Jen – The Store. The Ahoy trader cross picks up the monochrome details from the zebra rug, and adds a touch of Byron Bay Bohemian. The shelf provides the perfect place to display a few treasured pieces like her gorgeous boots from Sienna baby, and handmade feather crown from Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, stamped with her name.

Styling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth GilmourStyling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth GilmourInstead of the nursing chair we kept the two seater couch in the room as it doubles as a pull out bed – ideal for nights where its all about the cluster feeding. The couch is also perfect for cuddling up on and with a story book as you can put your feet up, get comfy and snuggle on the soft Icelandic sheepskin. The Mr X cushion from our fave local homewares store – The Design Depot; perfectly pulled in a hint of sunshine yellow, our chosen accent colour for the room.

cribStyling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth Gilmour
Lastly to the crib, my dream crib. I have loved the Leander cribs as long as I can remember and love how they convert firstly, to a toddler bed then as an extended child’s bed.

Both the quilt and knitted blanket were made by Jen. The gorgeous tassels are by Maker and Merchant and add a lovely pop of colour and texture to the felt that wooden bead garland.

Styled by Ses + Jen, Photographer

Indoor plants were used throughout the nursery to add a gorgeous green natural element to the decor. We love the way philodendron drapes and the baby fiddle leave fig was a great size for the floating shelf.

We were thrilled with how the room turned out and were fortunate to work with some great businesses to pull together this room and have listed these below:

Mocka NZ
The Cowhide Co
The Design Depot
Ruth Gilmour Photographer

Styling: Ses + Jen Photographer: Ruth Gilmour

We offer interior design and room design packages, and can pull together a tailor made look for your little loved ones so just drop us an email if you’d like to discuss further.

Styling: Ses + Jen  Photographer: Ruth Gilmour

A Slice of Paradise – Jen’s Bach

final 1Jen lives in a 1950’s “beach shack” a black weatherboard cottage with white trim around the windows. Designed by Vernon Brown, its complete with push-out windows to catch the sea breeze. Jen calls it her HAPPY PLACE ……

Situted on a large 1/4 acre site boarded by mature pohutakawa trees you get the feeling you are on the campsite. Since purchasing the property nearly five years ago with the intention of it being a holiday bach, Jen and husband Raymond loved being there so much they decided to move in permanently so they could “be on holiday 24/7”

To maximise the large section a separate love shack was added as an abode for family and friends visiting from the city. This was followed by the addition of a large north-facing deck to create an outdoor room and maximise the living space for summer.

bach bike

Most recently the old rimu boatshed was completely restored by Jen’s son, and what once housed a boat, tools and storage is now luxury boutique accommodation.

Inside Jen has taken her inspiration from the seaside and memories of bach holidays as a child, and has even collected the same Belle Fiore china she ate off all those years ago.

“I love having things around me that make me happy, that’s what you have in your house …right?”

Jen’s interior style is definitely eclectic and a bit boho. She loves to incorporate amazing pieces that tell a story. As a frequent hospice shopper, she loves up-cycling vintage pieces to give them a fresh modern look. 

“This is my forever home” says Jen “my slice of paradise”. Although there are plans for a pool at some stage the beach is just steps away and “they change the water twice a day! “

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