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Sneak Peek – The Hanging Chair

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a fascination with hanging chairs. I would spend hours in my Grandparent’s rattan hanging chair out on their deck and have fond memories twisting it round and round till I was giddy.

These day’s I’m just as much in love with hanging chairs, and was recently spoiled with a gorgeous black hanging pod chair from the Hotel Space. I’ve lusted over beautiful images of both indoor and outdoor chairs and knew I wanted one that would look just as perfect in our open plan living area as it would hanging out on the deck.


Made from an outdoor weave its weather resistant, making it perfect for the outdoors – but looks just as good inside.

I’m lucky in that we have exposed beams and high ceilings, with plenty of options for where to hang it. I currently have it in the living room dressed with an Icelandic sheepskin and my favourite Pony Rider and Martinich and Carran cushions.


When the sun’s out, its easy enough to transport outside and hang on the deck. I’m looking forward to a summer spent swinging in the sunshine, and winter spent cosying up with a good book.


My Home & Style – Sophie Bell Part 2

Last week we introduced you to blogger and stylist Sophie Bell of Peppahart. Today we feature part two of our interview with this clever lady. If you missed part one you can check it out here.



As well as blogging we see you do a bit of styling work, can you tell us about the services you offer?

Styling is something I feel very lucky to do, I do a range of work from weddings, home decorating and events to photo-shoots. My main style is pretty boho, lots of eclectic pieces, prints galore and tonnes of fresh flowers.

Sometimes I just come up with a concept for a client and they do the rest and other times I do the whole lot from sourcing items to making the wedding flower arch they stand under. I’m pretty flexible and every client is completely different.

I also do some consulting work for businesses of all sizes around digital strategy, marketing, branding all that kind of stuff – it’s what I do as a career and have been able to help some smaller brands with my experience.

IMG_4928 - Copy IMG_5323 - Copy IMG_4987 - Copy

What do you love most about what you do?

Getting to work with inspiring and talented people, I have met so many lovely people through blogging and styling, people from all over the world who I would never have met otherwise and it’s crazy how much you can have in common with someone who you have never met before!

It really allows me to express myself and what I love most which is making things look beautiful, all the styling work has solely come through social media, it’s crazy how things have changed in the last few years. The best part is that the people I have met through my website I am now great friends with in real life and collaborate on some really amazing projects. It still blows my mind.


What’s next for Peppa Hart?

Heading to Bali next week which is amazing, going to source some things for my collaboration project with my mum, launching our print business on April 1 and then styling a beautiful boho wedding in mid-April. It’s all happening in the next month, but all projects I am so excited about and feel so lucky to be involved in.

I have a pretty hectic day job, so it’s a little bit of a juggling act at the moment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To find out more about the talented Sophie Bell check out, follow on facebook and on instagram.


My Home & Style – Sophie Bell

This is the first post in a new series we like to call ‘My home & style’ where we interview tastemakers of the fashion and interiors industry and take a sneak peek into their homes and wardrobes.

We recently interviewed Blogger and stylist Sophie Bell (aka Peppahart) and she gave us an insight into her beautiful life and home.


When we came across your blog it was love at first site, your love for colour and relaxed beachy decor had us besotted! Tell us more about your blog what inspired you to start

It all started out when I was a uni student, I had a Tumblr that I use to post all kinds of things on, clothes I liked, homes, holidays all the usual pretty pictures when I was meant to be listening to lectures about public relations.

The Tumblr then evolved when I got engaged as my pictures turned to wedding inspiration, a new Tumblr was born called, and I was mainly just posting anything I liked for my wedding. I also started interviewing brides to be and people who worked in the wedding industry.

During that time I started getting enquiries about styling through Instagram and Tumblr and that’s how I got to where I am today.

After my wedding around 12 months ago I turned the little old Tumblr into a “proper” website and have started interviewing people I find inspiring from all over the place like Lindy Klim, Zoe Foster Blake, Sybil Steele and a bunch of other talented ladies. I have also teamed up with a retail agency to pick my favourite pieces from online stores and have them all in the one convenient place on my website.



Tell us more about you, and what you love style-wise 

Well I am a 27 year old, very happy little lady – married to a pretty incredible man, we have two beautiful pooches Stella the sausage dog and Duke the Dalmatian, and they are hilarious. We live on the Gold Coast and massively have the travel bug, we are happiest when we are travelling the world on a massive adventure, we get away as much as we possibly can. I work in Media by day and by night I blog and on the weekends I style events, homes, photo-shoots all that kind of stuff.

I have also recently started a collaboration with my gorgeous mother, it’s a range of prints – all very tropical and bright, we want to make art affordable and fill people’s homes with images that make us happy. Nothing better than having a house filled with beautiful pictures and happy feelings. I guess you could say I like to be very busy and constantly working on a million things.




Fashion wise you could say I like street wear luxe – if that’s a thing. Live in denim and leather shorts and oversized t-shirts or denim chambray shirts but LOVE an expensive pair of shoes and would buy a million hang bags if I could. I usually have a whole bunch of accessories on, lots of gold and rose gold chunky jewellery and headpieces. I usually mix super cheap with a few expensive pieces. I am not a brand lover, more just go for things I love the look of. There is quite a bit of vintage in my wardrobe as well, love a vintage find.

peppa6 peppa5

Interior wise I have a very eclectic style, I have made most things in our home and sourced them from all over the place, there is so many cushions in our lounge room and bedroom, all completely different prints and patterns, there is also a lot of art on our walls. I have kept the shell of our home very basic, dark timber floors and white walls – kinda gallery style so then I can fill it with a million crazy things. I am constantly redecorating our place. All our little trinkets and treasures have a story though, it’s what makes them so special.


What are your favourite rooms and pieces in your home and why?

My husband is super handy with building and makes most of our furniture, my favourite piece would be our day bed in our lounge room, it’s very hard to not be trapped on it for hours on end, it is honestly heaven. Mr Bell mainly uses recycled timber and has recently started making things out of concrete.

The lounge room is my favourite place in the house and it’s definitely the heart of our home, we spend most of our time there, our couch is the size of two queen size beds so there is plenty of room for everyone.


What are your favourite stores to source pieces for your home? 

My best friends own so I would definitely say most of my favourite home wares are from there, loads of beautiful bright pieces. Country Road is also a favourite and is the other place I buy from, very affordable bed linen and throws.

Most other things in our home are handmade or one of little purchase from our travels overseas.


 What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

1. Black leather ankle biker boots, I LIVE IN BOOTS.
2. DENIM EVERYTHING, chambray shirts, One Teaspoon denim shorts, jeans.
3. Karen Walker sunglasses, small obsession with Karen Walker sunnies.
4. Alexander Wang handbag, I love investing in beautiful handbags, my husband bought this one for me and it’s definitely the favourite child, it has incredible pony hair on one side.
5. Black leather shorts, usually get these guys made in Bali so they fit like a glove.


 Stay tuned later this week for part two of our feature on Sophie Bell and Peppahart. In the meantime pop over and check out, follow on facebook and on instagram.


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