Create your own pineapple vases

We’ve been obsessing over using pineapples as table decor for a while (see this post) so thought our ‘Peace Love and Pineapples’ theme for our Christmas table was the perfect time to create our own pineapple vases. Not only do they look amazing but the smell in the afternoon sun is just delicious!

We purchased three pineapples from Farro, making sure to choose some that were slightly under-ripe so they had a nice greeny tinge to them. We cut the tops off them, then carefully used a large spoon to scoop out the insides.

We selected orange and pink lilies, delphiniums and bells of Ireland to create our bright tropical vases, but you can use any flowers you like to tie in your colour theme. We cut many of the stems in half to make the most of them and then arranged.

pic 1

You have a couple options for filling your vases, you can fill them with oasis for creating your arrangement, place a small jar filled with water inside or carefully fill with water after you’ve arranged your flowers.

pic 3

After we were happy with the arrangement we carefully filled the pineapples with water.

Happy pineapple vase-making!

if you give this a go we’d love to see your pics! email us at or post them on our facebook page here.

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