DIY Table Runner

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diy2Some of our favourite pieces are often those that we have made ourselves. This natural linen table runner is one such piece. After popular demand we have detailed the how we made this simple-but-effective-piece.


What you’ll need:
Natural linen (130mm x 55mm)
Black fabric paint
Large potato
Paint brush or sponge brush

  1. Hem the fabric all the way round, then iron flat
  2. Cut potato in half then carefully cut a cross shape into one half of the potato (to leave a raised cross shape).
  3. Apply the paint to the cross, then test the print on a piece of paper before applying onto the fabric.
  4. Once you are happy with your stamping technique, start by stamping a row along the top of the runner then working your way downwards. Don’t worry if some of the crosses aren’t perfect, this just adds to the textured effect.
  5. Allow the runner to dry completely then iron on the wrong side (ensure to place baking paper on the ironing board to ensure no paint transfers)
  6. Your runner is now ready to use.


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