Bedrooms Bliss – Part 1

Bedrooms are place to relax, unwind and also a haven to explore your creativity and style.Lately we’ve been finding so many images of beautiful modern bedrooms, with fab linen, great art and textured accessories. Today we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite bedrooms, and why we love them.

room 5Metallics are having a major moment in interiors, we love this gorgeous Incy Interiors bed and how the tones have been mimicked in the neutral linen.

room 4Pendant lights add symmetry and a modern edge to a bedroom, plus they save room on your bedside table. There are lots of options out there at the moment with both ceiling installed, and plug-in options. We’re a fan of the DIYL lights, where you can choose your cage, cord and bulb to create your own custom feature light.

room 3A feature wall behind the bed is great if you don’t have headboard. A contrasting colour or feature design like this half painted pastel pink wall adds a dreamy feel to the room and ties in beautifully with the bed linen.

room 2Mixing and matching pillowcases and cushions allow you to create a unique combo, to tie in your bedding, flooring and colour scheme.

room 1Mexsii Bedheads have combined traditional upholstered headboards with outrageously beautiful abstract art designs to create deliciously gorgeous adornments for your bed.

room 7Velvet bedding adds warmth and a rich sheen to your bedroom, Castle and things and Kip & Co both feature velvet options in their latest ranges.

room 6Abstract art, a cowhide, and metallic bedside lamps make for a perfectly styled room by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors.

e09d38c12262e15d7038d6eceeadd22aMixing textures like textured wool, marble, and matt metal create a fantastic mishmash, and that art steals the show.

66c2d768776094c2340f8bc265f1ed09Simplicity should never be underrated – not when the result is this incredible. The wooden shutters and cowhide add texture and work perfectly against the muted tones of the room. The simple pendants add a modern edge.

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Stay tuned for part 2 with the ‘hot-right-now’ pieces to give your bedroom a fresh update.


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