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We loved this gorgeous desk nook and its soft pink and metallic colour palette so much we thought it would be a great way to kick of our new ‘Get the Look’ feature.

The wall has been cleverly masked and painted to create mountainous peaks, this creates a fab backdrop for the desk nook. The desk has been upcycled using a pretty pink pastel, we would recommenced Resene Cinderella. The stool has also been given a lick of paint in a tawny bordeaux, to get a similar look we would recommend Resene Bordeaux.

Rose gold and metallic accents have been cleverly added with accessories, and a complementary pop of mint adds a refreshing element to the mix.

The gorgeous plywood art is by WhatWeDoDK and is available from Etsy here.

Check out our inspired ways to get the look below.


1. Candle holder  2. Plywood art  3. Vase  4. Clock  5. Mongolian sheepskin
6. Bird  7. Cushion  8. Wooden house 9. Star cushion


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