Hydrangea Love

I just love this time of year, especially now that my hydrangeas are in bloom!
Flowering from early spring right through till end of summer, for me they would be one of my favourite flowers. Just one stem in a old milk bottle or a whole bunch, there is something about their simplicity that is just so perfect.

I buy the indoor variety which you can get in garden stores at the moment. The best thing with this variety is that you can enjoy them inside now, and then once they’ve finished flowering pop them in the garden to bloom again next spring!

Nicole Richie is also a big fan of the hydrangea, and recently featured them at a girl’s night out party she threw for her girlfriends at her LA home, you can see the full article here

It’s an old fashioned flower that’s made it’s way into my heart & onto my table … Enjoy

x Jen





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