A Seriously ‘Cool’ home – The Black Shack

Its not often you find a home that’s the perfect mix of vintage, tribal and eclectic shabby chic but this home ticks all the boxes.

Named the Black Shack, this home is located in Wentworth Falls, in Rural Sydney. Its no wonder this place features such an amazingly curated collection of pieces – as the (former) home owner Jane Frosh is one half of the very clever interior styling duo Cool Edies.

jf0 jf5The home was a turn-of-the-century weatherboard miner’s cottage and with the creative touch of Jane and her family it has been transformed to this masterpiece.

jf3This textured reupholstered headboard looks amazing paired with shibori cushions and white floors. jf2How fun are the string party lights above kitchen bench!

jf1This living room and is so clever in how it pulls together modern and vintage stylesls together modern and vintage stylesjf1

Check out Carrie, their 1950s retro caravan, which was added as as additional guest accommodation.

672777-1_llhlauImages via Inside out Magazine, Photographer: Alicia Taylor

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Products we love | The Snugbags sleeping bag

Winter in the Waikato gets cold, very cold and our little Georgie loves to kick all her covers off, so I knew we needed a sleeping bag for her coming into Autumn. The thing is, while I’m big on practicality it definitely helps when something is beautiful as well – so naturally when I saw the gorgeous silver raindrop design of the new Snugbags merino sleeping bag featuring a diagonal zip, I just knew it would be perfect.

Opening the package the first thing that wowed me was how extremely high quality it was. The fabric just feels luxurious and substantial, and no wonder, as its made in New Zealand from only the best organic cotton, bamboo and New Zealand merino. All fabrics are knitted and dyed in New Zealand and only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified dyes that are eco-friendly and 100% child safe.


I was pretty excited to try it on her straight away, its super easy to put on you just unzip from the bottom and slip over their head or you can unzip it completely and lie them on it. There are domes under the arms that make the arm holes smaller for the little ones and stops them wriggling out. I love that the zip is covered the whole way so no chance of pinching their skin.

The unique part about the new Snugbags sleeping bag is its diagonal zip, most sleeping bags feature either a front or side zip – each with its own benefits but with the diagonal zip you get the best of both worlds; there are no domes on the shoulders like on the side zip bags which wriggly babes can pop out of. You also get the benefit of easy nappy changes as the bag zips open along the bottom. This is also useful for letting air flow in too. You won’t find this unique diagonal zip design anywhere else, its unique to Snugbags.

Georgie-Crib-1v2webGeorgie had her first sleep in her new sleeping bag the other morning as it was quite cool and she slept so soundly, no blankets to kick off and it worked perfectly with her safety sleep too.

We love our Snugbags sleeping bag they are so worth the investment – as they fit them for such a long time, they’re available in sizes nb-2 and 2-4 years, and come in three different weights; Standard, Winter Duvet and Winter Duvet Deluxe. We went for the winter duvet which features a New Zealand merino inner, a middle layer of plush bamboo/cotton duvet wadding for extra warmth and an outer layer of soft cotton fleece.

Checkout the full range of Snugbags sleeping bags here

OOTD Tuesday | Back to the grind

ootd tuesday

Getting back into some serious exercise requires some glam gear. We love these Puma monochrome tights and how they pair well with the C&M tank which can be worn with jeans and cons causally. Bright fun and practical this nursing bra from Rock Your Bump gives a great pop of colour.

We love our yoga and this fab yoga mat has been on the wishlist for a while, perfect match to the light hearted s’well water bottle.

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