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One of the first products I purchased when I knew little Georgia was on the way was the Milk Snob nursing cover. Like many other of our favourite products we first came across Milk Snob on instagram, I was fascinated by the carseat covers and when I discovered that they also doubled as a nursing cover I knew I had to have one.


Used over a carseat, the Milk Snob cover is perfect for protecting your little babe from bright lights, wind and prying eyes. Fabricated from a lightweight rayon blend they keep baby cool in warm climates and cozy in cool weather. Fabric is breathable and has a four way stretch to fit easily over any carseat or capsule. I love that it lets you peek at your little babe without disturbing them and its perfect for putting over the capsule when you a transferring baby from the car – with no need to worry about waking them with the change in light.

cover closeupI use our milk snob cover over the top of our Edwards & Co pram when out walking, especially when trying to get Georgia off to sleep, it stops the bright light from getting in her eyes and stops protects against the wind. I love that it still keeps her cool and replaces the need for pegged on wraps or muslins.

feeding coverAs a nursing cover it gives me confidence to feed Georgia anywhere, you just slip it over one shoulder, pop baby underneath and away you go! She doesn’t overheat underneath, she can still see and because the fabrics are on trend they look like clothing, no daggy clips or pegs insight. You can easily peek in to see if baby is properly latched etc, but from a distance no one even knows you’re feeding (till they see the little feet popping out underneath). I love that you don’t have to worry about it blowing off in a breeze!

This multifunctional product is just genius and definitely one of our must have products. Its the one thing I make sure i never leave the house without. It folds down to nothing and can fit in a nappy wallet.

If you’d love one of these Milk Snob Covers be sure to follow them on instagram as they sell out quick and you need to wait for the re-stock opportunities. They often release limited edition colour-ways too.

Check them our here

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