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This week we’re sharing some of our favourite products for bubs. Today its all about the tummy tub or ‘belly bath’ as my dad calls it. After watching so many cute clips of bathing babies on YouTube we knew we needed one of these magical tubs.

Developed in the Netherlands the tummy tub was designed to replicate the mothers womb, keeping the baby in an upright position and submerged to their shoulders. It uses less water than your standard baby bath and saves the back ache as its easy to lift even when full and can sit on a bench top so you don’t have to lean over holding your babies full weight.


Georgia had her first tummy tub at 5 days old and loved it instantly, it has a calming effect on her as she feels cocooned in the rounded shape of the bucket and loves being upright. The deep water keeps her nice and warm too, just like a spa. We find its great if she needs an extra bit of help getting off to sleep, it just seems to relax her.

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There are so many reasons to love the tummy tub, we love how easy it is to support baby when in the tub as you just need a couple of fingers under their chin and you rest the back of their head against the back of tub which leaves your other hand free to wash baby. It sounds complex but its really easy once you get the hang of it. The video below shows the technique in use.

The tummy tub makes bath times easy and stress free, and are also better for the enviroment using less water than traditional baby baths.

Tummy tubs are available from Nature Baby.

We’d love to hear if you have tried the tummy tub and what you thought – just drop us a comment below.

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