The Friday 5

This is our first Friday Five post on the blog which means you get the goodies all in one hit, so we hope you’re ready as they are all quite delicious.

Pony Rider
Pony rider never fails to delight with their collections of cool homeware in dreamy textures and colour combos. Photographed instore at Koskela this image is all kinds of perfect with its muted tones and pastel palette, the bed the art the reindeer hide, and of course the beautiful linen from Pony Rider’s latest collection ‘take me home’.

FF5 1


Billy Heckenberg – Texta Cushions

Can cushions be sexy, we think so especially with their racy zips up the front! These cool texta print cushions are by Sydney label Billy Heckenberg have a bit of a turkish kilim feel to them with their geometric designs.

‘Texta’ is what us kiwis refer to as a vivid or felt and if you look closely they truly do look like someone has coloured them in with felt pen – tres cool.

Click here to purchase

FF5 3


Hello Lover!
By the very cool creators at The Woodsfolk, these romantically inspired wire wall hangings are perfect for adding an industrial vibe to your home. The heart and cupids arrow designs can be bought in NZ from Surrey Park. Click here to purchase

FF5 4


Books for Lovers of All Things Interiors
These books are choc-a-block full of eye candy and perfect room inspiration for anyone who’s trying to work out what their interior style is. Jen’s slightly in love with Modern Rustic by Emily Henson and I can’t wait to check out Creative Spaces by Geraldine James.

Both books are available from The Supercool. Click here to purchase

FF5 5


Finding the Perfect Christmas Card
Christmas cards used to be your standard box of 10 with Christmas trees, snow and some reindeer. These days we are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect card, especially when our favourite designers release their Christmas collections.

For those that love a little glitz and glam you won’t go wrong with the beautiful Antlers illustrated cards by Kelly Smith. They look great framed as well! Make sure you don’t miss out as these babies are limited edition! Click here to purchase

FF5 21FF5 22


For all those cutesy cat lovers you can’t go past these very cool cards by Evie Kemp.
I couldn’t help but snap up these fab cards for special ladies who love to share the odd grumpy cat pic around the office. Click here to purchase.

FF5 23

We’d love to know what you think of today’s Friday 5, anything there you think you’ll be purchasing? drop us a comment below – we love to hear from you.


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