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Masinichern4Some want a Hermes bag, others a diamond ring but us…. we want Masini & Chern Pyjamas. These new kids on the block believe you should “sleep chic, wake sweet” and we agree – after all you spend half your life in bed, why shouldn’t you look fabulous!


Started by besties Ebonnie Masini-Thomson and Natasha Chernov Homann with the desire to create sophisticated sleepwear that you’d be proud to wear ”between the sheets and on the streets”. No teddy bears ducks or clouds on these beauties, Masini & Chern have based their designs on the traditional pyjama with a contemporary twist, each season Masini & Chern provides an edited selection of chic and fashion forward prints.


Ebonnie and Tash met at uni where Ebonnie studied Fashion Design and Tash, Interior Design and Decoration. Since studying, Tash worked as an interior designer in New Zealand before moving back to Melbourne. Ebonnie has been working as a fashion buyer between Dubai and London.

Masinichern5Masinichern6We’ve got our order in for the Banana Leaf pair and think they will be the perfect excuse to spend extended periods of time lounging/blogging in these amazing PJs. Best part is you can have them monogrammed with something special. We think they would make an amazing gift for a special someone, they perfect for having breakfast when you have house guests, pre- wedding prep and for new mothers in hospital.

You can check out Masini & Chern’s online store here and follow them on instagram here

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