Why so blue? – Artist profile – Lucas Grogan

If you’re lucky enough to have visited Melbourne or Bali lately you may have been wowed by amazing murals by the very talented Lucas Grogan. Notorious for incorporating cheeky phrases with his signature bright blue graphic art, Lucas’s signature works a delight to behold.


Based in Melbourne, Lucas’ studio is a delightful collection of his works in progress (How cute are the fan blades!) His works span many media including ceramics, textiles and canvas.


His art is inspired from many cultures including Islamic and Aboriginal art, which led to some controversy and as a result his switch from black and white to the signature blue tones which he’s now so well known for.

Check out this fabulous clip of Lucas creating the Hosier lane Mural

For more on this talented artist and his latest collections click here

All imagery via The Design FIles

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